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By MBC Chairman Ramon R. Del Rosario Jr.

23 April 2016 – We will be electing our next president in 16 days. Amid the political noise and clutter, it may be good to pause to consider just what it is we are trying to achieve.

From my perspective as a business executive, I can say unequivocally that the economy has had an unusually good six-year run. Simply stated then, our aim should be to preserve and build on our gains while also effectively addressing our shortcomings. We can start by recalling that it was improved governance that served as the foundation of our gains—good governance built around a President with a thin resumé, whose main credentials were his impeccable pedigree, his personal integrity, and his ability to bring together a core Cabinet of dedicated, honest and competent professionals, particularly in the social and economic clusters, and to forge working partnerships with the legislature and the private sector.

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By MBC Executive Director Peter Angelo V. Perfecto

9 April 2016 – At the Easter Sunday Mass I attended, I was struck by the priest’s statement that the phrase “Be not afraid” is mentioned 365 times in the Bible. Apparently, the Almighty wishes to remind us every single day that we should not allow fear to take over us.

That struck a chord in me as I, and apparently many other folks I know, have been fretting over the upcoming elections and the possible results. Many of us are afraid that we would step back yet again from the undeniably progressive steps forward made since the Aquino administration took office. Worse, there may be winning election combinations that may bring us back to the pre-1986 People Power Revolution, the dark days of martial law.

These are possibilities, but do we need to be afraid?

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Executive Outlook Survey, Updates

MBC Executive Outlook Survey: High Hopes for PH Economy in Election Year

7 April 2016 - Heading into the 2016 elections, majority of Makati Business Club members have an optimistic outlook for the year, generally expecting the Philippine economy to improve on its 5.8% GDP growth in 2015 and foreseeing an increase in approved investments in 2016, compared to last year’s P106.6 billion (from Q1 – Q3). In addition, they are projecting increases in both imports and exports this year, from last year’s P62.6 billion and P54 billion, respectively.

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Secretary Mar Roxas bares economic plans if elected as president

30 March 2016 – Welcomed by family, friends, and members of the Philippine business community, former DOTC Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas graced the halls of Fairmont Hotel, Makati for the 2016 Presidential Dialogues co-organized by the Makati Business Club (MBC) and the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP).

The former secretary, and the torchbearer of the Liberal Party and the current administration laid out his plans for the country by starting on the question on how to get to “long pants” from “short pants.” He recalled how and why the country was once called “”the Sick Man of Asia” to and how and why, within the current administration, the country is now Asia’s Bright Star. “This did not happen by miracle,” said the former senator, and interior, transportation, and trade secretary, while laying down the good governance gains of the Aquino administration.

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